Noe’s Stump Catcher

An innovative product to help make anchoring at your favorite fishing hole easier and more convenient!!

The Stump Catcher was designed to help anchor a boat in position by simply hooking a looped rope onto an exposed stump or protruding object. This anchored position will effectively keep a vessel stationary during an expedition.

The Catcher is available in three different sizes, 3ft., 4ft., and 5ft. and is made of a heavy duty, lightweight, conduit material.

A rope extends from the handle and can measure approximately 30 ft. in length. The rope is 3/8″ in diameter and made of a solid nylon strand. This rope has a 2500 lb. breaking strength.

The Stump Catcher comes in 3, 4, and 5 ft. lengths.

See photo for instructions:

First, extend the looped rope wide enough to fit over the object. Simply do this by pulling one side of the looped rope. This will open up the loop to the desired size. After you have looped the object, hold the pole in one hand and pull the rope at the base of the rod with your other hand. This will tighten the loop in place around the object. Secure the pole to the boat.


Model Number 505 (5 ft) – $29.95 (Plus S&H)
Model Number 504 (4 ft) – $28.95 (Plus S&H)
Model Number 503 (3 ft) – $27.95 (Plus S&H)
Warranty 1 year
(Patent Pending 61039591 – 3/26/08)

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